Rapunzel ~ Palette 12. Suggested by trulyhopelessromantic

Piuhh~ finally it’s done! This one was trickier than expected, as I’ve got about 0% practice with cartoony faces at all. I hope I haven’t overdone the background. The glow was made with layer blend modes again, I’ve decided that it’s still conform to the color meme challenge ;)

When I got the suggestion I had lots of different ideas for her but seriously with this palette how could I not make something like one of the lantern scenes?! ♥

I hope you like it! Feel free to check out the color meme post and send me some suggestions ;) 

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Tangled! Acrylic on Canvas 2014
One of the funnest plates I’ve done because I love the subject matter!


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There. It never happened.

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Halloween Time at Disneyland

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Never too early for HalloweenTime posts imho

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My latest collaboration! Disney girls. :D

Over 200 artists collaborated to make this image of over 400 Disney girls.

This is amazing

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Once Upon a Time/Beauty and the Beast- The Iconic Dance.

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disney meme | villains [1/3]
↳captain hook

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[05/10 MOVIES] - the black cauldron (1985)

"My, what funny little ducklings. Don’t they know that the Black Cauldron is indestructible? Now listen carefully. The Black Cauldron can never be destroyed. Only its evil powers can be stopped."